You can join the Trust- there is always room for new trustees. You can help on work days - more hands make light work. You can spread the word - the Green is for all and activities and events are encouraged and if possible supported. You can keep an eye on it - regular walkers notice change and activity. You can help raise funds for general maintenance - all ideas welcome.

Managing the Green for Wildlife and People

A charitable trust of local volunteers was set up in 1998 to spearhead the bid to the Millennium Commission and thereafter to manage and co-ordinate the development and maintenance of the Green on behalf of the village. The trustees discovered that most residents wanted the specific character of the Park to be retained. This did not mean doing nothing, however, and stock-proof fencing, tree surgery, provision of gates and stiles, and planting of 1500 shelter-belt trees were all part of the work undertaken to get the land into shape.

Since then there has been ongoing management of the trees, hedges, footpaths and other features. Cows are grazed here in the summer months to maintain the particular browsing line and the trees and shelter-belts provide home to many species including tawny owls and woodpeckers. The meadow supports buttercups, cow parsley, milkmaids and many other wildflowers and grasses. The magnificent park trees are regularly checked and nurtured and, with an eye to the future, new specimens have been planted.

In 2013, there was a further injection of funds and a mixed hedge of hawthorn, rosa rugosa, hazel, holly and field maple was planted on the northern boundary. In around 10 years this hedge can be laid in traditional fashion. Click to see info on trustees